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Posthuman Creativies

Members of Creative Agency are working to extend concepts and theorisations of creativity beyond anthropocentric reductions of agency. This research area seeks to open up new possibilities for creative thought and inquiry in a more-than-human world, responding to the increasing urgencies of climate change, species extinction, and the ubiquitous digitisation of everyday life.  Through engagements with new materialisms, critical posthumanism, and process philosophy, this reading group is exploring the implications of posthuman creativities for understandings of multi-species agency, artificial intelligence, ecological aesthetics, childhood and youth, the relational arts and performativity, amongst numerous other areas. This research area is fuelled by the lab’s Posthuman Creativities reading group, which meets fortnightly to discuss texts in non-anthropocentric creativity studies. To date the group has focused on the philosophical works of Alfred North Whitehead, Henri Bergson, Suzanne Langer, and Gilles Deleuze, along with associated secondary literature. This area of focus is aligned with RMIT’s Digital Ethnography Research Centre (DERC).

Members of collective

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