Creative Agency is a community of creative makers, academics, industry professionals and organisations committed to arts, education and social change. The Agency is both a virtual and material co-share workspace in and beyond Melbourne's urban centre where creativity finds expression through co-designed research, events and cross-sector partnerships.

Circus Oz was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1978. For 40 years the company has been putting up extraordinary shows and successfully touring them both nationally and internationally. From New York to South American rainforests, Madrid to outback Australia, Circus Oz has taken its self-crafted performances of wit, grace and spectacle to 27 countries across five continents, to critical acclaim. The Circus Oz show is a rock-n-roll, animal free circus that adults and children can enjoy together. Celebrating breathtaking stunts, irreverent humour, cracking live music and an all human ensemble, Circus Oz promotes the best of the Australian spirit: generosity, diversity, death-defying bravery, and a fair go for all.


Aside from our shows, Circus Oz also delivers a public classes program, community and education workshops and corporate offerings; facilitates art form development programs, such as BLAKflip, Strong Women and Sidesault; manages the beautiful Melba Spiegeltent.


Circus Oz has a strong belief in tolerance, diversity and human kindness. For many years the company has engaged in issues associated with social justice and a good time for all, including work each year with many charities, Indigenous communities and the raising of over $392,000 in donations to support refugees and asylum seekers.

The Literacies in Second Languages Project is a research initiative at Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana (UPB-Medellín) in Medellín, Colombia. Chartered in 2012 as a student research group, LSLP has grown as a research unit leading the field of literacies research in Colombia. Dr. Raúl Alberto Mora, associate professor at the School of Education and Pedagogy at his university, is the current LSLP Chair. LSLP’s research explores the use of alternative literacy paradigms and alternative qualitative inquiry methods to study the emerging literacy practices in second languages in urban, virtual, and schooling spaces converging in today’s cities. LSLP’s current body of work includes 55 papers (including peer-reviewed articles, proceedings papers, academic blog posts, and undergraduate and master’s theses) and 95 presentations (including presentations at AERA, LRA, ICQI, and other local, national, and international events), in addition to a web-based publication, the LSLP Micro-Papers, featuring 51 original brief conceptual documents so far.


Outer Urban Projects is a bold performing arts company that creates new forms

of contemporary performance imagined from the life experiences of young

emerging artists from the outer northern suburbs. We give voice to the

unexpressed aspirations and creative potential of ghettoized, culturally diverse emerging artists whose origins span five continents.

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Grand Divisions - A Moved Urban Cantata.

Arts Centre Melbourne - Fairfax Studio -

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2013 Melbourne Festival TV: Urban

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