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Announcing Creative Agency micro-grants

Creative Agency – Expression of Interest for Micro-Grant Working Session

Do you have a creative cross-sectoral initiative that you would like to get underway? Here is a link to the online application form.

STEP 1: Would you or your organisation benefit from seed funding to support the development of a larger funding submission? Creative Agency research lab is currently offering micro-grants ($500-1000) and match-making for the initiation of new cross-sectoral teams to pursue creative projects and funding.

STEP 2: Please express interest via this form, and we will contact you to attend our working session in late Semester 2, 2018. This one-day workshop will bring together potential cross-sectoral partners/partnerships and offer facilitation for thinking through and kicking off your idea.

STEP 3: After the workshop, teams and ideas that are interested in proceeding will be granted the seed funds ($500-1000) to complete the full funding application with the participation of a Creative Agency core member.

STEP 4: Complete the following questions:

Contact/lead person:

Give us your best 3-sentence pitch:

Who are your existing collaborators and who are the collaborators you need? (Which sectors are represented)? (higher education, community organisations, local/state/national govt, NGOs, arts and culture organisations, health/healthcare orgs)….

How much money do you need and for what? (all Creative Agency micro-grants are limited to between $500-1000 each)


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